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New Psychological Research

Lupulyak P.V. The image of the future among migrants with different motives for continuing to migrate

Polina V. Lupulyak , degree candidate, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia; bld. 6, emb. Makarova, St. Petersburg, Russia, 199034;

The current issue of migration from a purely existential humanistic perspective is discussed in the article. A particular emphasis is given to the theoretical prerequisites for the implementation of this approach. The notion of migration, as an aspect of the human life cycle, holds the status of a bifurcation point, and its persistence is attributed to the migrant’s abilities for semantic self-explanation of the rationales behind their continuous migration throughout its various stages. The objective of this article was to scrutinize the outcomes of a study examining the correlation between the prospects of goal setting, the forecast of migration duration, and the vision of the future of migrants with distinct types of semantic justifications for the continuation of the migration project. Namely, these types include migrants with a clear motivation to migrate, migrants who lack a semantic self-explanation for the continuation of migration, migrants who are in migration for the sake of relatives, and migrant refugees. The main determinants of the significance of the vision of the future in the context of migration are outlined. The issue of limiting or minimizing the likelihood of future migration-related opportunities is examined. It is argued that the prospects of setting goals and planning the expected timing of migration are key elements in shaping migrants' vision of the future. The main semantic categories that make up the vision of the future are identified and their correlation when combined into a holistic image is explored. The article describes the characteristic features of the vision of the future for each of the migrant groups, divided according to the principle of semantic self-explanation for the continuation of migration. Future vision configurations are created for each group representative. The analysis helps to establish the relationship between the leading semantic component of the justification for continued migration, the planning horizon, the contemplated prospects of migration, and the migrants' vision of the future. 


Key words: motivation for migration, psychology of migration, psychological well-being, image of the future, goal-setting, migration duration, motives for continuing to migrate


For citation: Lupulyak, P.V. (2024). The image of the future among migrants with different motives for continuing to migrate. New Psychological Research. No. 1, 79–98. DOI: 10.51217/npsyresearch_2024_04_01_04


Keywords: motivation for migration psychology of migration psychological well-being image of the future goal-setting migration duration  motives for continuing to migrate

Received: 03rd april 2024

Published: 03rd april 2024

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