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New Psychological Research

Konzhin S.I. The image of a hero as an idealized reference point for a person’s life model

Sergei I. Konzhin, Postgraduate student, Department of Personality Psychology, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russia; bld. 7–9, Universitetskaya Emb., St Petersburg, Russia, 199034;

The article presents the results of a theoretical and empirical study on the possibility of using the image of a hero to identify a person’s life model as a fragment of a life scenario, as well as phenomena that correlate with personality life models: coping behavior and values. The main approaches to understanding a life model as a fragment of a life scenario are presented, and a definition of the image of a hero along with a theoretical justification for its suitability as a tool for studying personality is given. Based on the image of a hero, a variant of the qualitative projective method for studying the life model is proposed. This method is based on images of heroes – fictional characters (books, films, cartoons, and TV series). The possibility of identifying a person with the image of a hero is tested, and through this projection, the study of the individual’s life model, orientation towards various time modes, and the image of the future is conducted. Based on the results of the study, 4 types of life models were identified, and data were obtained on the relationships between the types of life models, subjective characteristics, image of heroes, values, and coping strategies. A general comparative analysis of the data obtained through identification with the image of the hero by young people and without it was carried out. The heroes belonging to each type of life model and their general characteristics are analyzed. The results of the study make it possible to talk about the suitability of using the image of a hero as a tool for diagnosing a person’s life model. As a result, we conclude that even fictional characters can be considered as full-fledged personalities that convey certain values, goals, attitudes towards oneself and others, problems along the path of life, as well as ways to overcome difficulties. In addition, the image of a hero can act as an idealized guideline for a life model when building an image of the future and planning one’s life.


Key words: life scenario, life model, image of the future, image of a hero, metaphorical associative cards, psychodiagnostics


For citation: Konzhin, S.I. (2024). The image of a hero as an idealized reference point for a person’s life model. New Psychological Research, No. 2, 160–183. DOI: 10.51217/npsyresearch_2024_04_02_08


Keywords: life scenario life model image of the future image of a hero metaphorical associative cards psychodiagnostics

Received: 18th june 2024

Published: 18th june 2024

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