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Khuzeeva G.R. Features of digital everyday life and manifestations of phubbing among young people

Guzeliya R. Khuzeeva , Ph.D (Psychology), associate professor, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia; bld. 6, Miusskaya Square, Moscow, Russia, 125047;

The features of the digital everyday life of girls aged 17–21 are discussed in the article. The spatial, situational and temporal characteristics of smartphone use in everyday life are varied. One of the phenomena of modern communication associated with distraction by a gadget during communication is phubbing. Manifestations of phubbing can be considered, on the one hand, as one of the problematic forms of gadget use associated with smartphone addiction, on the other hand, as a form of acceptable everyday life in mixed reality, which is becoming the norm of communication. It was discovered that in the social space the manifestation of phubbing is subject to certain norms, determined by the peculiarities of perception of the communication situation and the interlocutor. New social contexts associated with virtual space contribute to the rapid transformation of communication norms that determine the spatiotemporal parameters of communication. Distraction on the phone is built into the fabric of communication as a tool for transmitting verbal and non-verbal information, as a tool for social perception and a tool that determines the nature of interaction with people, taking into account the social context. The results of the empirical study demonstrate a pronounced dependence on the smartphone and a low level of self-control in the space of using the gadget. A connection was found between the manifestation of phubbing and telephone addiction and the skill of self-control in the daily practice of using a smartphone. The manifestation of phubbing is directly related to addiction and inversely related to self-control in the space of smartphone use. The severity of telephone use for communication purposes is associated with the value of self-control in the identity structure. Connections between some features of identity, the value sphere and digital everyday life among girls aged 17–21 were discovered.


Key words: digital everyday life, phubbing, gadget addiction, self-control, identity features


For citation: Khuzeeva, G.R. (2024). Features of digital everyday life and manifestations of phubbing among young people. New Psychological Research, No. 1, 127–142. DOI: 10.51217/npsyresearch_2024_04_01_06


Keywords: digital everyday life phubbing gadget addiction self-control identity features

Received: 03rd april 2024

Published: 03rd april 2024

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