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New Psychological Research

Dear colleagues, I am glad to present the second issue of our journal for 2024, which includes articles reflecting various and relevant problems of modern psychological science.
The problem of levels of regulation of mental activity during normal aging from the perspective of a neuropsychological approach is examined in the article. The authors discuss studies of various aspects of the regulation of mental activity and behavior presented in the works of L.S. Vygotsky, A.R. Luria and other Russian and foreign authors.
The study of destructive phenomena in the everyday life of a modern person is of special interest to psychological science and the practice of psychological counseling and psychotherapy.
Being in the flow of social changes and adjusting to them through personal self-change, a person solves various adaptive problems, thus making his/her life activity more effective. The high dynamism of everyday life requires daily engagement in setting and achieving various goals.
Aphasia is a cognitive disorder that affects many people, with only a small percentage achieving full recovery from speech impairments. Therefore, researchers are constantly seeking scientifically-based approaches to speech recovery.
The study aims to identify individual differences related to the peculiarities of the development of the ability to act “in the mind”. The relevance of such work is due to the need to find resources to manage a person's behavior in difficult life situations and when faced with uncertainty.
In the article, the authors attempt to describe the concept of ‟psychological entitlement” in the context of the psychology of a corrupt official.
The article is devoted to studying the effectiveness of training law enforcement officers in the skills of managing mental states and mental processes in difficult conditions from the point of view of reducing the level of distress.
The article presents the results of a theoretical and empirical study on the possibility of using the image of a hero to identify a person’s life model as a fragment of a life scenario, as well as phenomena that correlate with personality life models: coping behavior and values.
The overview of the article “Emergence as a Feature of Practice-based Design Research” by William Gaver (London), Peter Krogh (Aarhus), Andy Boucher (London) and David Chatting (London) is presented.
This article provides a review of “Studying the Internet: A challenge for modern psychology” by Kai Sassenberg, Margerete Boos, Tom Postmes, and Ulf-Dietrich Reips, in which the authors explore the transformative impact of the Internet on society and psychology.
The aim of the study was to assess the similarity between spouses in 10 basic values. The respondents included 300 married couples with at least one adult child.
The report at the conference “New Challenges of Digital Society: An Interdisciplinary Approach” examined the current state of the problem of the relationship between mood disorders and creativity, highlighted aspects of its study and hypotheses about the nature of the relationship.
The report at the conference “New challenges of the digital society: an interdisciplinary approach” in the section “Digital society – risks of social psychology” presented the results of a study of the environmental needs of a teenager.