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Dear colleagues, I am glad to present the second issue of our journal. Unfortunately, this number turned out to be not very large, which was due to the problems of switching to a new site. I am sure that the next issue will be much more meaningful.
The results of an empirical study on mindfulness as a coping strategy for dealing with the “fear of missing out” syndrome on social media are presented in the article. The syndrome is defined as an anxious state in which individuals fear missing out on important or interesting events, and is often triggered by frequent use of social media. The article analyzes different approaches to studying this phenomenon, including results from recent international research and their conclusions.
The study examines the relationship between the level of development of the ability to act “in the mind” among high school students and their success of their tasks on the amount of working memory, which is determined using the n–back test. It is shown that the low level of development of the ability to act “in the mind” limits the possibilities of successful execution of the working memory test in one or two attempts: high test values in the experiment are demonstrated only by subjects with an average and high level of development of the ability to act “in the mind”.
The article is devoted to the study of the characteristics of the dynamic stability of the personality of students receiving psychological education (N = 123 respondents). The focus of the work was the study of the relationship between the potential of self-change and the existential fulfillment of the individual.
The book by the Norwegian social psychologist Ole Madsen is devoted to the socialization of the younger generations in the conditions of the modern information society. O. Madsen begins his research with a philosophical analysis of the socio-cultural situation of our time, revealing hidden conflicts and contradictions, risks and new development opportunities in it, relying on the way of thinking through antinomies, demonstrating the mutual complementarity of polar positions, where, on the one hand, modern youth have never before did not have such favorable conditions for self-realization, and on the other hand, children and adolescents are exhausted by the challenges of the information society, inflated social expectations, and the requirements for building an identity.
A review of contemporary Norwegian psychology based on materials from periodicals is offered. The Norwegian daily psychological newspaper and two leading psychology journals are being considered. Psykologtidsskriftet – Tidsskrift for Norsk psykologforening has been published by the Norwegian Psychological Association since 1973 (and was first established in 1964 under the name Psykologen). Psykologisk tidskrift is a Norwegian professional journal in psychology founded in 1996 by the Department of Psychology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
The article presents an overview of John Steiner's book, in which he develops his concept of “mental asylum”. This time, the main topic of reflection is what a person faces in life and therapy, who risks leaving his protective organization, which relieved feelings of dependence, anxiety and experiencing mental pain, which gave feelings of narcissistic superiority and control over the object. Steiner shows the complexity of this process, painful feelings of embarrassment, shame, vulnerability, humiliation, envy, fear of exposure, when, outside the “walls” of the shelter, a person turns out to be “visible” to others, and also sees others more realistically himself.