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Editor-in-chief of the journal «New psychological research» T. D. Martsinkovskaya, Moscow, 29 September 2022

Dear colleagues, I present the third issue of our journal, which analyzes new aspects of modern everyday life related to the expansion of mixed and network space, attitudes towards sleep and sports, and also provides new materials in the study of emotions and identity traditional for psychology.

It is opened by an article by N.S. Poleva “Transcendence and “disruptions” of everyday life”, dedicated to new aspects of everyday life in the situation of a complex modern society, in which ambivalent emotion experiences of events occurring in a specific period of the chronotype can become triggers that activate transcendental aspirations for self-awareness and spiritual growth.

In the article by E.A. Nikitina “Perception of emotions by faces in ontogeny” provides materials that are extremely important for understanding the characteristics of the emotional states of people of different ages, which are of great importance for constructing ways of interacting with others, especially in complex, ambiguous situations.

Article by E.I. Rasskazova and T.L. Botasheva “The subjective significance of sleep in children aged 5–13 years for parents and its relationship with psychological factors in the quality of sleep in children” reveals facts that are significant for adults, proving the importance of monitoring a child’s full sleep for both his health and his productive activity. The connection between sleep disorders in adults with insufficient attention of parents and their less understanding of the importance of sleep for a child is revealed.

The psychological characteristics of gamers from different countries, associated both with the types of preferred games and with the national culture, are presented in the article by D.P. Tkachenko and K.S. Kagadeeva “Cross-cultural study of personal characteristics of gamers”. The authors not only prove the presence of specific strategies characteristic of each type of game, but also put forward an assumption about the existence of a specific gaming culture characteristic for different countries.

In the article by N.Yu. Fedunina and E.Yu. Korobeinikov “Eating Disorders in Sports” proves the connection between eating disorders and the motivations and meaning that an athlete and the people around him invest in sports achievements and playing sports. It is emphasized that it is necessary to develop in athletes an understanding of the acceptance of their body and its capabilities.

The results of a comparative analysis of the concepts of “real” and “virtual” teenage friendship are given in the article by E.M. Dubovskaya and D.A. Zhernakova. The authors show that at present the concept of friendship is being filled with new content, while both types of relationships have similar, but not identical characteristics, since online friendship is rather a type of teenage communication, and friendship in life is a type of interpersonal relationship.

In the article by A.S. Berberyan and N.D. Movsesyan “Identity and Life Meaningful Orientations of the Personality of Students in a Pandemic” presents data on how the situation of a pandemic complicates and partially strengthens the connection between personal characteristics, meaningful life orientations and behavioral style of young people in difficult conditions of everyday frustration.

 In the article by N.I. Yurchenko and M.M. Konchalovskaya “Peculiarities of the professional identity of young people” provides materials of the comparative study of attitudes towards the profession in a pandemic situation in 2020 and at the present time. It is shown that many students now appreciate the advantages of the pandemic, which were hidden at the beginning, related to the expansion of professional opportunities for learning and professional implementation on different platforms and in a mixed space.

I want to draw the attention of readers to the article by young scientists D.D. Antonova, D.M. Sharkovskiy and A.Yu. Plotnikov “Peculiarities of the sphere of interpersonal relations among players who prefer various genres of computer games”, which found their own perspective on the study of a fairly common topic of communication between gamers. They proved pronounced differences between gamers playing different types of games, and also showed gender and age differences in aggressiveness, envy and attitude towards justice.

In the Book Review, which we hope will become permanent in our journal, two reviews of books not translated into Russian are presented: Cléopâtre Athanassiou-Popesco «Représentation et miroir: essai psychanalytique sur la naissance de la représentation et son rapport avec l’image observée dans le miroir», made by N.Yu. Fedunina and the book “The Cambridge Handbook of the Intellectual History of Psychology”. Eds. Robert J. Sternberg & Wade E. Pickren written by M.C. Guseltseva.

received 29 September 2022

published 29 September 2022