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Editor-in-chief of the journal «New psychological research» T. D. Martsinkovskaya, Moscow, 18 June 2022

Dear colleagues, I present the second issue 2022 of our journal. In this issue, as always, a lot of interesting and wide-ranging articles.
First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the article by M.V. Tendryakova “Initiation and enlightenment as a strategy of socialization: a socio-anthropological perspective”. Analyzing two well-known educational strategies – initiation and enlightenment, the author convincingly shows that in today’s multidimensional and changing world, a new educational strategy of socialization is needed.
Article by V.R. Orestova and D.M. Sharkovsky “Personal transitivity: features of the psychological well-being of transgender people with different durations of hormonal therapy” raises the problem of the emotional experiences of people undergoing hormonal therapy for sex reassignment, which is extremely relevant today. The materials obtained by the authors are enormously important both for psychology and for society, in which there is an ambivalent attitude towards this theme.
A deep and comprehensive analysis of the methodological problems facing modern psychological science is given in the article by M.S. Guseltseva “Dialectics of modernity: antinomy as a factor in the development of culture, personality, methodology”, in which the author emphasizes the need for the dialectical approach to the study of the psychology of modern people.
The article by T.D. Martsinkovskaya is devoted to the psychological well-being of people in the situation of the first and second waves of the pandemic, in the article is reveals the dynamics of people’s emotional experiences and behavior over the past three years.
The article by O.S. Alekseeva “Dispositional personality traits in the generation of millennials», show that the largest discrepancies between the cohorts were identified in terms of activity and goodwill. The topic of personal characteristics of millennials is continued by I.E. Rzhanova in the article “Negative personality traits among the representatives of the millennial generation”, which shows the high severity of the qualities of the “Dark Triad” in this generation and their connection with the values of self-affirmation.
Differences in the dynamics and difficulties that arise in adolescents and young people in the process of adaptation in the modern changing world are revealed in the article by O.V. Grebennikova “Socio-psychological adaptation of youth in a situation of transitivity”. The article by N. A. Pasternak “The ability to act “in the mind” as a predictor of success in education in higher medical school” is devoted to the conditions for increasing the level and motivation of students’ learning.
In this issue for the first time we create a new partition “Book Review”. It will contain reviews of new books published not only in Russia, but also abroad and not yet translated in our country. This issue will hold N.Yu. Fedunina’s information about Jean Magagni’s new book “A Psychotherapeutic understanding of eating disorders in children and young people: ways to release the imprisoned self”. In this book the author’s ideas about the nature of human states related to refusal of the most basic forms of interaction with the world, when the drive to life is significantly distorted or undermined, in particular, in anorexia and the syndrome of refusal to live. In the next issues, reviews of new scientific publications will be presented by M.S. Guseltseva and N.Yu. Fedunina.

received 18 June 2022

published 18 June 2022