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From the editor

Editor-in-chief of the journal «New psychological research» T. D. Martsinkovskaya, Moscow, 28 December 2021

Dear colleagues, I am glad to present the last in this year issue of our new journal. I really hope that with your help it will be actively developed and completed with interesting articles.

This issue contains two very interesting theoretical articles on topical problems. In the work of N.S. Poleva is analyzed the differences between life-image and life-style and the role of “spots of time” experiences in the formation of individual strategies of everyday life. In the article by E.Yu. Balashova and E.M. Dubovskaya is examined the influence of digital space on the mental state and ideas about the future of people at different age periods.

The topic of empirical research is opened by a joint article by our English colleague H. Balleux with a master’s student P. Pshonkovskaya, devoted to the study of executive functioning (EF), the theme, which is still not very widespread in our country. They investigated EF among mono- and bilinguals.

Very important for modern educational psychology materials are presented in the article by A.O. Prokhorova, A.V. Chernova, M.G. Yusupov and I.S. Reshetnikova I.S., who reveals the dynamics of the formation of self-regulation of students in the process of their education at the university.

Data on the similarities and differences in values ​​among men and women belonging to different generations are no less relevant. In the article by O.S. Alekseva and I.E. Rzhanova reveals both the influence of belonging to an age cohort and personal qualities on the content of values.

In the article by E.P. Belinskaya provides data on the perception of Russian and Uzbek youth about difficult life situations and ways of coping with them. The materials that prove the cultural invariance and themes of difficult situations among young people belonging to different cultures are especially significant.

And, of course, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and wish you health, which is so important in our difficult times, optimism and productivity!

See you in the New Year!


Theory and methodology

Poleva N.S. Chronotope of everyday life ………………… 4


Balashova E. Yu. , Dubovskaya E.M. Representations of real and virtual space and time: age aspect …………………  25

Empirical researches

Pshonkovskaya P., Dr Ballieux H. The Effect of Bilingualism on Executive Functioning Found in Young Adults: an eye-tracking study …………………  47


Prokhorov A.O., Chernov A.V., Yusupov M.G., Reshetnikova I.S. The development of self-regulation of students’ mental states in the process of education at the university …………………  71


Rzhanova I.E., Alekseeva O.S. Values of men and women in different generations …………………  91


Belinskaya E.P. Youth perceptions of difficult life situations: cross-cultural differences …………………  109



received 28 December 2021

published 28 December 2021