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Editor-in-chief of the journal «New psychological research» T. D. Martsinkovskaya, Moscow, 6 October 2021

Dear colleagues, we present the third issue of our journal, which is interesting, first of all, for the variety of approaches and topics. This diversity is consonant with the important methodological article of M.S. Guseltseva, which is a continuation of her previous article in the first issue. It is devoted to the variety of values ​​and attitudes of different groups, which began to interact and communicate with each other. The topic of diversity is continued in the article by T.D. Martsinkovskaya, who considers the specifics of the city’s chronotope in the context of modern everyday life, which is rapidly transforming, including new areas and facets of everyday life.

These new aspects of modernity are analyzed in articles by E. B. Zhuikova and N. Yu. Fedunina and N.G. Markova. Article by E.B. Zhuikova is devoted to the significant problem of host families; it provides a comprehensive analysis of the problems and difficulties faced by both parents and children in this ambiguous situation. The second article is dedicated to an even more acute and “sick” problem of homeless people. The most interesting thing here is the description of the approach to helping people who have lost their homes, and often hope.

Very relevant is the content of the article by O.S. Alekseeva and I.E. Rzhanova, in which reveals the values ​​of age groups, the growing up and personal development of which fell on different eras through which Russian society has passed over the past decades.

The growing importance of the digital space raises many questions, some of which have been explored by the authors of two highly relevant articles.

Article by V.R. Orestova, D.P. Tkachenko and O.K. Gass realizes cinema as one of the options for additional space, helping people to cope with the situation of uncertainty, which for many is extremely difficult and traumatic. And the article by S.V. Preobrazhenskaya, V.A. Karpuk and D.P. Tkachenko is extremely important for the modern didactic and devoted to the problem of including virtual technologies in educational process


Theory and methodology

Martsinkovskaya T.D. Chronotope of the city in the context of the psychology of everyday life ………………… 5


Guseltseva M.S. A transdisciplinary approach to the study of latent changes in values, behavioral strategies and standards in modern society …………………  18

Thematic reports

Zhuikova E.B. Raising a foster/adopted child: from motivation and expectations to setting relationships in the family ………………… 48


Fedunina N.Yu., Markova N.G. Socio-psychological aspects of helping homeless people. Experience of the Social Support Center “Friends of the Community of St. Egidius” …………………  79


Empirical researches

Orestova V.R., Tkachenko D.P., Gass O.K. Cinematography as an additional space for experiencing a situation of uncertainty …………………  97


Alekseeva O.S., Rzhanova I.E. Value orientations in representatives of four age groups of Russians …………………  121


Preobrazhenskaya S.V., Karpuk V.A., Tkachenko D.P. Possibilities of including VR technologies in the educational process …………………  134


received 6 October 2021

published 6 October 2021