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New Psychological Research

From the editor

Editor-in-chief of the journal «New psychological research» T. D. Martsinkovskaya, Moscow, 14 March 2021

Dear colleagues, with a great pleasure I present the first issue of our new scientific journal “New Psychological Research”.

I express my deep gratitude for assistance in the implementation of this project to Alexander Grigorievich Asmolov, without whose help and support this project could not have been realized.

Although this issue is not strictly thematic, it is natural that the situation itself dictated to the authors the focus of research interests related to the pandemic situation and a serious crisis in all areas of life associated with quarantine and frustration of living space. The fact that quarantine is connected with serious problems in the economy and, as a consequence, with the negative emotional experiences of people whose financial situation changes or may change in a new situation, led to the emergence of a new problem of economic and psychological precariousness, the study of which is presented in this number. Since the toolkit for studying the psychological state of people in a quarantine situation is just being constructed, it is not surprising that this issue has also become the subject of discussion by our authors.

No less important are the questions of the specifics of socialization in different ethnocultural regions, especially in a situation of transitivity, as well as the study of the phenomenology of the normal and abnormal aging process.

And, of course, questions of theory and methodology always remain extremely significant, primarily when discussing the changes that are taking place in the current situation with the values and attitudes of small groups and social movements.


Theory and methodology

Guseltseva M.S. Transdisciplinary approach to the study of changes in values, behavioral strategies and standards in small cultural groups……….4

Thematic reports

Poleva N.S., Ayanyan A.N. Transitivity as a factor in the precarization of everyday life……….29

Martsinkovskaya T.D., Tkachenko D.P. Questionnaire «Pandemic COVID-19: emotional experience»……….54

Empirical researches

Balashova E.Yu., Mikeladze L.I., Kozlova E.K. Evaluation of short time spans in the norm: age and other determinants……….69

Grebennikova O.V., Golubeva N.A. Socialization in young and mature people during self-isolation and quarantine……….93

Dubovskaya E.M., Sat M.D. Ethnocultural features of informational socialization in adolescents of the Tuva Republic………..112

received 14 March 2021

published 14 March 2021